Grade school at Bhoomi in June 2018 (For ages 6+)

IMG_3939We are really happy to let you know that we have decided to start First grade at Bhoomi starting in June 2018. We had an intention to start First grade at Bhoomi when we started the kindergarten in 2016, however we wanted to take it up only if there are interests from other parents in Kochi. We have decided to move forward as we understand that there are a few parents who are interested in their child continuing with grade school in Bhoomi.

As we have decided to move forward we need your involvement and support in moving forward.

These are some of the ways you can be involved:

– Be part of Bhoomi grade school initiative and participate in every aspect – school registration, curriculum review, and all other activities
– Attend training and become a teacher at Bhoomi
– Let us know whether you are interested in sending your child to Bhoomi grade school
– Connect with other parents who will be interested in sending their child to Bhoomi grade school
– Let us know about your friends and family who would be interested in being a teacher at Bhoomi.

Thank you for your support with this initiative. We are really excited to doing it together with all of you.