Bhoomi – space to explore your talents & hobbies as volunteers

At Bhoomi, we have been blessed with volunteers from different parts of the globe enriching the experience of children and everyone else involved with Bhoomi.

Recently we had Saskia & Luzie who did their schooling from Waldorf Schools in New Zealand and Germany, visit and volunteer at Bhoomi. One of the projects they took up was, making a “Bag Holder” for Bhoomi children. They reused the wood available at Bhoomi and got Bhoomi children and staff involved in making of the bag holders.

Bag Holders by Saskia and Luzie Saskia & Luzie Saskia & Luzie wood work with children @ Bhoomi

Saskia & Luzie – we really appreciate your drive, dedication, and craftsmanship in executing the project and we are grateful for your kindness in volunteering at Bhoomi.

Saskia and Luzie reminded us again about the value volunteers bring to Bhoomi. In order to make volunteering more sustainable, long term and to make the experience richer for everyone involved, we are reaching out to anyone from the local community who want to volunteer at Bhoomi. Here is our message to anyone who would like to explore volunteering at Bhoomi.


We are writing on behalf of Bhoomi school in Edapally, Kochi. Bhoomi opened in June 2016 to provide an alternative educational environment for children aged 3-7 in Kochi. We focus on providing children the freedom to play during most of the school hours (2 out of 3 hrs), with the rest of the time spent on self guided activity, some movements with songs and having food for nourishment.

Here are couple of articles about Bhoomi:

As of Oct 2017, we have 15 children between ages 3-7 and we plan to have a maximum of 20 children in year 2017-18.

At Bhoomi volunteers can share their talents with the children and we give the children the freedom to learn & emulate the adults if they choose to. This is, to a large extent, done by the adults doing their work / play / activity / hobby at Bhoomi. Children observe and some join in and learn to do the activity.

Here is an article about some of the past volunteers at Bhoomi –

In this context of volunteering we wanted to reach out to like minded, socially active & conscious artists, and craftspeople in Kochi to see whether they would be interested in visiting and doing their play / activity / dance/ drama / hobby at Bhoomi. You don’t need to be an established artist or craftsperson to volunteer… you can consider Bhoomi as a space to explore your hobbies.

In the long run, this relationship will organically grow to some children finding mentors among the volunteers, some wanting formal lessons (once they decide they want it) from volunteers and hopefully your hobbies taking a new direction as a result of your time at Bhoomi. This relationship is bound to flourish as we grow into a grade school in 2018.

If this is something that you would love to be part of, please let us know so that we can meet in person and discuss details.

Please contact us via email at or call/WhatsApp us at +91-9972992288.

We are looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Oct 20th 2017



Why is formal reading and writing introduced at Bhoomi only in first grade?

Why is formal reading and writing introduced at Bhoomi only in first grade?

We at bhoomi want to support our children’s learning in all forms.We believe that for a young child the best way of learning happens through free play, interacting with other children, and from observing adults do their work.

We introduce art and craft very early on at Bhoomi so that children can start understanding and experience the richness and possibilities with colors and natural materials.


We have story telling, songs, music, and movements everyday at Bhoomi to help children develop good language, listening skills, and the beauty of music.We also help them develop life skills through their early attempts at cooking, preparing food, and sharing food everyday.

IMG_4119IMG_1709IMG_3789 IMG_3790

We want to draw attention to statement from Kerala Curriculum Framework on Pre-School education

An atmosphere that is replete with love, care and inspiration and abounding in opportunities that enhance the quest for knowledge and experimentation will make the children capable of doing things. Preschool is not a centre that promotes reading and writing. It should not create any effort that insists on teaching foreign languages such as English either. Mother tongue forms the medium of learning in these schools. In short, pre-schools should not function as training centers to gain entry to primary schools.

Reading and writing is very structured learning, and introducing and enforcing it early can impact the creativity, free thinking, and learning interest of the child.Reading and writing are the activities of the head (brain) and children at a young age are still focusing mostly on their bodies (movements), and sitting down and being still are at odds with their current developmental stage.We want our children to be very interested in learning everything and so we introduce reading and writing in a very beautiful way in first grade.

At Bhoomi during Kindergarten years, we help the child settle down and be at ease by following a consistent rhythm everyday so that the world at Bhoomi is predictable for the child, and they feel safe and secure to grow into who they want to be.

We want all Bhoomi well wishers to know that, the reason we don’t introduce reading and writing at Bhoomi Kindergarten is not because we don’t love language and education, it is to make sure that our children will love learning and education when introduced at the right time (when they’re developmentally ready), and in the right way (by invoking their imagination and in a beautiful way).

Waldorf – Steiner Students Visit Bhoomi – Fee & Zara

Fee & Zara who went to Waldorf Steiner schools in Europe visited Bhoomi children for 2 weeks in January 2017. We are grateful to Fee chechi and Zara chechi for spending time with us at Bhoomi and joining us for the farm visits. Special thanks to Zara chechi for showing us some of her acrobatic skills.

Beautiful card Zara chechi handmade for Bhoomi
Fee and Zara knitting chicken with Thumbi
Get together with Bhoomi Parents and children
Paddy field visit during harvest

Setup continues

We’ve finished quite a few things this last few weeks!

The climbing structure in the backyard, planting some kappa, spinach and kovekya, made the balancing beam from coconut trees.

For inside the school we got the curtains done, the eating/painting/drawing tables done, the round tea party tables for kids, and the play kitchen that came out beautifully (!).

This week we plan to set up the interior completely to have it ready for school, and to tie the swing sets and hammocks for backyard. 🙂