Volunteering at Bhoomi

At Bhoomi we love volunteers and we love volunteering. In 2016-17 school year, we were fortunate to have volunteers from across the globe, both near to home and far from home, shower their time and kindness at Bhoomi. We found through our journey last year that giving and taking opportunity to serve open you up for possibilities you cannot plan.

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When we decided to start Bhoomi in 2016, we were lucky to have Sara Donají González Herrera from Mexico and Sariga Menon from Kochi help us in the initial setup of the school. Together we formed the rhythm and curriculum for the kindergarten, help us connect with the local media and listen to us on our vision and purpose behind starting Bhoomi.

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When Bhoomi started on June 6th 2016 , we had another family with us,  Shweta Jyoti , Surya and Satya who came from the US. Shweta was the teacher at Bhoomi for the first three months as Rahmi was not in a position to teach us Bhoomi since little Purna was making her way into this world. Shweta helped Bhoomi and our children settle into a rhythm and she made sure that children spent time everyday playing outside, in rain or shine. Thank you Shweta for bringing your family and spending time with us during your summer holidays. We are so glad that you came to Bhoomi and you will forever be the first teacher at Bhoomi.


Shweta teacher also inspired us to organize a beach clean-up at Fort Kochi Beach on August 15th 2016. Now it was our turn as Bhoomi parents, teachers, children and other Bhoomi well wishers to volunteer. We had all the parents, a few grandparents, all Bhoomi children, Nisha and Asha along with all her children, some of our friends and family join us for a day of beach clean-up, followed by lunch afterwards. Shahid’s dad Habeeb Rahman helped Shweta teacher in connecting and interfacing with the local authorities to get support for the beach clean-up. We are so happy that since then the Clean Fort Kochi Foundation has taken initiative in keeping Fort Kochi clean.

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We had Emily Mignanelli, Michele & Vittorio visited us from Italy. Emily, who runs a democratic school in Italy,  visited us in September of 2016. They came as part of a movie they were making about alternate education schools across the world. It was great to have them explain to us about democratic schools and they created a short video for Bhoomi. Plus, Michele made some very yummy Italian dishes for us.


In September we also started another project at Bhoomi initiated by Kenz’s parents, Azeem & Fahima, and his grandfather. It was the beginning of farming/gardening at Bhoomi. This initiative has gone a long way since then with the guidance and support from Tessa, Sebastian uncle & Ramachandran Chettan.


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In Jan 2017, we had Fee & Zara, alumnae of Waldorf Steiner Schools visit us from Germany & UK. They helped out at the kindergarten, helped with gardening, took care of the children during the field trip, and Zara demonstrated some trapeze and acrobatic moves for the children. They also took time to meet with all parents to answer questions about their experience with Steiner Education. Fee and Zara first met in an exchange program between Steiner schools. Such great friendship blossoms from student exchange programs, that they decided travel together for one year. Here is a link to a video from Fee & Zara about their Bhoomi visit. They also took time to make a really lovely card for Bhoomi written Malayalam.

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In March 2017 we had two visitors:  Abraham from Hyderabad, India and Barbara from Spain. Both of them visited Bhoomi with an intention to spend time with Bhoomi children and help us out in anyway possible. Abraham is also very keen on alternate education systems and he takes time to visit schools during his travel. Thanks Abraham and Barbara for taking time to meet Bhoomi children.

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In April 2017 we had two families, Andrew, Soniya, Ruby and Eden from Australia, and Ricky and Kristy from England visit us. Together they built a treehouse at Bhoomi and helped with farming and mulching. Led by Andrew who’s a carpenter, they build the treehouse in 4 days. Bhoomi children will remember them for years for the wonderful gift. We also has some Bhoomi children give a helping hand during the treehouse project.


In May we had another parent initiated project at Bhoomi – painting of the outdoor Bhoomi shed/classroom. It was initiated by Anjali, co-ordinated by Azeem with participation from Fahima, Jiji, Manna, Habeeb Rahman, Minnath Teacher, Fathima and Ramachandram chettan. Not to mention the active participation of Shahid, Kenz and Zoe.

Other than this, we had parents, teachers and students come out every month on weekends to help maintain and improve Bhoomi. We are thankful to everyone for taking time to volunteer. For two of those clean-up events, we even had Elhaam’s grandparents join us.

We do really appreciate the time all of you have taken to spent with Bhoomi.

We encourage and invite more and more people to volunteer at Bhoomi to enrich the learning of our children, so that our children will give back what they receive and we believe it is one of the best to really create an broad and international experience for our children.

As the saying goes “Givers Gain”, we hope you receive help when you all need it, for the kindness you have shown to Bhoomi.

If you live in Kochi or have plans to visit Kochi, please contact us at bhoomikindergarten@gmail.com or +91-9972992288 so that you can volunteer at Bhoomi.